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Conférence à Liège avec François Damas et Jacqueline Herremans le 29 avril 2015

Conférence avec François Damas et Jacqueline Herremans le 29 avril 2015
Programme et détails en pièce jointe

RTDE at the Council of Europe Conference of INGOs, Strasbourg, 27 – 29 January 2015

RTDE’s representatives Aycke Smook (President) & Hugh Wynne (Treasurer) visited Strasbourg to attend the latest meetings at the Conference of INGOs of the Council of Europe (CoE) on 27, 28, 29 January 2015.

To download 1-page summary click here
To download the full report click here

La Lettre de l'ADMD-France du 10 avril 2015


J'invite chacune et chacun à visiter la page web ci-dessus et à regarder la VIDÉO de l'émission.
En mars 2014, un reportage télévisé au sujet de l'euthanasie de ma fille Coralie a été réalisé en Finistère et ce 2 avril 2015, j'ai reçu le DVD de l'émission diffusée le 6 février 2015 à 20 h 45' sur PLANÈTE + CI.

Right-to-Die Europe (provisional) agenda – Berlin June 20 ,2015

. Introduction by the President

. Minutes of the Rome Meeting 2013

. President’s Report
Proposed new 2015 Founding Document. Including a motion to ratify the new (2015) Founding Document and to discard the original Founding Document of 1991

. Treasurer’s Report

. Introduction of candidates for the new Board

. Election of the new Board

. Future of Right-to-Die Europe
- with particular reference to the INGO status with the Council of Europe

Reservation Form - Right to Die Europe Meeting, Berlin 19th – 21st June 2015

Right to Die Europe Meeting, Berlin 19th – 21st June 2015

Preliminary Programme

• Friday, 2015-06-19:


7.30 p. m. Welcome Cocktail

8.30 p. m. Dinner

• Saturday, 2015-06-20: RtD-Europe Business Meeting

10.00 a. m. RtD Delegates Meeting (for member societies only)

12.30 p. m. Lunch

2.00 p. m. Workshops (open to the public)

6.00 p. m. Dinner

7.30 p. m. Panel Discussion (open to the public)

• Sunday, 2015-06-21

Biannual meeting in Berlin next June

To all European Societies,

Dear friends,

It is an honour to invite you to our biannual meeting in Berlin next June on behalf of our sister society DGHS.

In Switzerland and the Benelux a decent death already can be provided according to legal safeguards. In Germany it is possible for a physician to help a patient to die, they call it ‘Sterbehilfe or ärztlichen Sterbebegleitung’.

News from Canada

On 6 February 2015 the Supreme Court of Canada ruled to strike down an existing ban on assisted suicide. The Court, in a unanimous decision of 9-1, ruled that the century old law that banned assisted suicides in Canada was unconstitutional. Of course, nothing in the decision is prescriptive forcing doctors to assist a suicide.

Dying With Dignity Canada

Dear Supporters of Dying With Dignity Canada,

Please take the time to read the following press release, which was sent out to members of the media earlier today.

Dying With Dignity Canada applauds the Supreme Court’s decision to strike down Canada’s unjust and outdated legal ban on physician assisted dying.

In a judgment released on Friday morning, justices on the high court ruled the absolute ban violates the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms.


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